Join us for one day of

Join us for Breakthroughs Collective, a one-day experience on Dec. 14 as we fast forward to a future with a healthier supply chain resilient from disruption.

Over the last 20 months, supply chain disruptions have rocked the globe. The pandemic has exposed a broad array of global, macro-level issues that layered together create bottlenecks in a system not designed for such demands. Recovery will require leveling up to address these challenges and managing supply chain risk. Becoming resilient from disruption will require a thorough approach to diversity: geographic diversity, supplier diversity and leadership diversity. Join your peers and industry experts for one-day experience on Dec.14 to explore these topics and more as we imagine a future with a healthier supply chain resilient from disruption together.

Event Agenda
Joe Machicote
Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer, Premier Inc.
"The Healthy Impact of a Supply Chain That Gives Back"
David Hargraves
Senior Vice President Supply Chain, Premier Inc.
Building a Better, Stronger, and More Resilient Supply Chain
Collective Q & A
What is Breakthroughs Collective?
Breakthroughs Collective is a one-day virtual experience on Dec. 14 for Premier members and suppliers to continue their Breakthroughs experience and hear from industry experts on today’s hottest topics and discover industry-leading insights.
Is there any cost associated with attending this virtual experience?
No, all Premier members and suppliers can attend Breakthroughs Collective at no cost as an added benefit to your partnership with us.
Will I be able to network and chat with other Premier members and suppliers?
Yes, you will be able to exchange business cards with your peers and chat before, during and after the event.
When will I be able to log in and access the Breakthroughs Collective site?
The week before the conference, you will receive an email from prompting you to log in to your account (the email address and password you created to register) to update your profile. Be sure to do this so you can network with your peers during the live event on Dec. 14.
Will I be able to access on-demand content from Breakthroughs 21?
Yes, the on-demand library will be available in case you missed any of our sessions from Breakthroughs 21!
Save the Date:
Breakthroughs 22
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Join thousands of other healthcare leaders and influencers at our ‘in-person’ and online experience, exploring the latest in healthcare technology, artificial intelligence, supplier innovation and more. Breakthroughs 22 is designed for anyone in the healthcare industry hungry to connect, accelerate innovation and move forward together.